The Reign Of God

But seek ye first the reign of God and His righteousness, and all these shall be added to you. -Matthew 6:33 (YLT)

You want to know how to get out of every problem you are in right now? Let God reign over your life. I’m not talking about just being a Christian; I’m talking about hearing from Him and doing what he says. I say that because there are so many people today who have the “Christian” title but when God speaks to them they disregard what he says to them and do what they want instead. Many regard the voice of God as insignificant. How many times do we hear God tell us “don’t complain at work” but we just can’t help it? Or “don’t talk bad about that person” but we can’t seem to justify saying anything good because that person is so mean. Or how about an argument with a spouse or family member and God says “go and apologize” and we don’t, and the argument gets bigger and bigger. 

This kind of thing happens constantly. God is always trying to lead us in the right way but usually our mind and flesh are going in the opposite direction. It is not until you learn to seek first the reign of God over your life that things will begin to work the way we know they should.

 When God is Lord we will obey even when we don’t fully understand everything. There were times in my life on my job when I felt like complaining. I was getting loads of work push on me and no help. I remember even working 2 hours after my shift to make sure the work was being done properly and God would tell me “Nathan, I don’t want you complaining to anyone about the work. In fact put a smile on your face and don’t even mention it”. When I complained to God about it He would say “I will take care of it”. I did not know at the time but there were people high up taking notice and eventually it help me walk into a promotion.

 I notice God does this type of thing constantly. If we will learn to hear and obey even when we don’t see why, I promise, eventually you will understand and you will be glad you did what God asked you to do.

 How do we apply this right now? Maybe you are in a tough situation and you are not sure what to do. Stop and acknowledge that God has all the answers. Ask Him to help you and listen on the inside. This may be done over time. Once you ask Him for the answer or to help, expect that the answer is on the way. A lot of times what I do is start thanking God that I have the answer I need. That’s faith. Determine that no matter what, you will do what He tells you or what he shows you to do. You can make this commitment because God has your best interest in mind. God is not going to tell you to do something that goes against His word or that is going to make your situation worse. But we have to be willing to trust Him, with everything.